Entrepreneurial Power Requires an Abundance of Imagination

It may seem obvious once stated, but business and social entrepreneurs need imagination in huge amounts in order to succueed in our ever-changing world.

This is true from self-employed business owners serving customers locally all the way up to CEOs of vast global corporations.

The entrepreneur senses or sees or imagines future opportunities, chooses among the possibilities thus sensed, imagined, and generated, and sets out to make the visions, the products or the services fact in the world.

A living, active imagination enhances both vision and business acumen.

Imagination thus helps generating the vision that may go far beyond what is known. It helps generating the plan. It helps iteration and development. It helps implementation and graceful adjustments.

It helps at every part of the journey.

Everything we see around us exists because someone somewhere imagined it and then made it fact in the world.

If you are an entrepreneur at any level, you are no different.

Your living and vidid imagination helps the dynamics of entrepreneruship in its broadest sense towards your fulfilment and success.

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