Going Beyond the Known

Without imagination we tend to get stuck within what we already know.

The life we live, the jobs we have, the relationships to significant others that we have, the types of leisure we pursue, etc.

We may think that we are imaginative and very creative because we can draw, sing or compose, paint pictures or solve problems at work. I don’t deny the skills people have in this regard.

While mileage vary, most people can create and problem-solve, and some even become the go-to-guys-and-girls because of their track record in this regard.

However, in most cases it is my experience that people use their imagination “inside” the life they have known so far. It is tinkering and tailoring like a soldier that spies on endless possibilities but refrains from going all the way. Rather stay inside, then.

Imagination work takes you outside.

Imagination work transforms your life from a three-course menu with five choices of each to a life far beyond the limits of what you have known.

Going beyond the known is essential to truly creative problem-solving.

To an ethical life lived well and to the full it is essential.

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