The Two Principles of Liberty

At the bottom of a life lived well in liberty lie two principles.

The first is the principle of “freedom from”:

Freedom from coercion, freedom from force, freedom from threats of force.

All human beings have a free will. As a will that is free, it is not caused by any-thing else than itself.

It can be influenced, however, by coercion, force or threats of force (and that is why these are used – to affect the will in order to affect behaviour).

To be free, then, is to be free from these forces.

But then, what?

That is where the second principle enters the picture.

The second principle is the principle of “freedom to”.

Freedom to create, to live the life the way you want it, to go after you highest and deepest dreams and turn them into manifest reality.

What that might be, is of course up to you.

It can never be up to anybody else.

It could be all of those things, places, people, experiences, and so on that give you and those around you the most profound levels of fulfilment. That part is up to you.

We can say that the principle of “freedom from” takes you half way.

It clears the space so you can be in this world uncoerced and unforced.

The other half way, the one that leads onto the infinite road of creation, is the principle of “freedom to”:

Freedom to create what is most profound and meaningful to you.

Freedom from and freedom to – the two principles of a life lived good and well in liberty.

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