Individuals are Creative, not Groups

A group of people may form a task force with the goal in mind to create something new and spectacular –  a breakthrough strategy, an innovative product, an hitherto unseen piece of art, something that promises to change the world…

…but if none of the members are creative, there will be no sparks to fuel the fire, and no fuel to grow. and expand.

A group of highly creative people can work wonders only if they are creative as individuals.

Of course, individuals in groups can hinder even the most noble creative intentions with their “won’t work” attitudes  and “have tried that” criticisms and so on, but without creativity from the participating individuals, there will be nothing to criticise, nothing to support, nothing to work with, nothing to try out, nothing to learn from.

If you want to work effectively with other people’s ideas, your own minds must be capable of sparking new ideas, of seeing new connections, and moving into new horizons as these move into view and you create and move into them.

Therefore, all group creativity, like charity, begins at home.

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